Bookish Miss
About Rain part 2

So, we had another big storm last night, apparently flooding, and other storm damage. The radio said Mount Lawley flooded so badly that people had to flee their cars as the water was coming up too high/fast. Actually, this makes no sense to me, as being on foot is usually the most dangerous place to be during flash flooding (getting swept away), but no one died or was injured so it worked out okay.

The good news is, with the 43.6mm we had for the 24 hours until 9am this morning, we reached and are now above what we would be for the yearly average. Yearly average is 850mm, as of this morning we were 861mm. Any more rain we get is a bonus. And we passed the monthly average (12.8mm) long ago.

Also, apparently this is the third wettest December on record for Perth. Excitingly, we are now at 35.6% capacity in our dams. 0.1% more than we were last week.

What a wonderful year in Weather. Everyone keeps complaining, but I love this rain.

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